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Augmented Reality

$3k - $300k

1 - 12 Months

Virtual Reality

$3k - $300k

1 - 12 Months

NFT Collection

$5k - $30k

1 - 3 Months


$10k - $50k

2 - 6 Months


$25k - $150k

6 - 12 Months


$30k - $80k

5 - 9 Months

Crypto Exchange

$50k - $500k

6 - 9 Months

NFT Marketplace

$30k - $100k

3 - 9 Months

New Blockchains

$100k - $800k

8 - 12 Months

NFT Games

$50k - $350k

5 - 12 Months


Ingsoftware is your preferred partner for turning business ideas into digital products. We provide key product development services like UI/UX and prototype Design, Software Development, and long-term product maintenance.

Unlike run-of-the-mill software development outsourcing companies that do not take the whole picture into account and only execute development tasks, we strive to understand clients' businesses as a whole so we can find the best possible tech solution to solve the challenges they face and become their long term product development partner.

Ing helps startups and enterprise organizations to scale their product development capabilities or develop new products from scratch.


Nis, Serbia